In order to offer the best service to our customers, we have been cooperating with experts from various fields for many years now.

They support us – and you – with competent consulting, clinical performance and their entire know-how.

Cooperating Experts

Prof. Dr. Christoph BeermanUniversity of Applied Sience Fulda
Nutrition Technology
Dr. med. Maria WeberPneumologist, Allergist,Environmental Medicine
Gotenstr. 53, 65929 Frankfurt
Dr. med. Peter KardosInternist/Pneumologist
Maingau Hospital Frankfurt
Scheffelstraße 33, 60318 Frankfurt
Dr. I. F. K. NaudtsClnical Research
Ludwig Erhard Platz 11
63110 Rodgau
Dr. med. Beate-Charlotte SchottGeneral Medicine, Allergist
Marbachweg 260a, 60320 Frankfurt
Dr. med. Reiner Goltermann General Medicine
Altenhöferallee 131, 60438 Frankfurt